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Nightmotorsport Unlocking the potential of a high-performance client 

Night motorsport blue car
Night motorsport blue car

Increased organic traffic by more than 5x in 5 months

Performance Marketing
Social Media

Nightmotorsport’s website was filled with aftermarket auto parts in high demand – and had already been seeing some solid performance - but was relying heavily on Paid Ads to drive traffic and revenue to the website.

Like any true car “tuner”, they were looking for ways to further improve performance of their site and increase the scale of their business.  

Despite having “hot” products in stock, the product pages were not ranking well, if at all, on Google Organic results. We identified that a large percentage of the pages were not indexed properly and had poorly constructed meta info – which was a primary factor in their limited exposure on Google. To attack the problem, we first restructured and re-submitted the sitemap so Google could access all pages. Next, we identified products/pages with high potential for traffic and a manageable keyword difficulty – and focused our efforts on optimizing on-site content for these pages.  

By the end of the 5th month of work on the account, organic traffic to Nightmotorsport increased by more than 5x – growing from less than 4k sessions/month to about 21k sessions per month. Not only were we able to drive incremental users to the site from Organic search results, but we were driving traffic with intent to purchase as well – increasing monthly revenue from Organic by nearly 4x. 

The Brief

Leverage on-site SEO best practices to increase exposure and performance from Organic search as the site had lots of pages with potential for high traffic, but was not set up properly to be crawled and ranked by Google. 

How it was achieved

With over 100,000 products available for sale on their website, we optimized sitemaps to ensure the pages were accessible and easily understood by Google’s crawlers. Identified products with high potential for traffic and focused on improving on-site content such as page titles and descriptions to quickly improve rankings. Created new pages specific for target keyword groups based on ability to rank and relevance to the business.  

Night motorsport blue car
Night motorsport white car

Within 5 months, Organic traffic to increased by 467% (21,903 sessions vs 3,870 sessions) & Revenue from organic traffic increased by 290% ($39,385 vs $10,086).

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