Campaign & User Journey Design at Shine

Mapping & optimising how your customers experience your campaign & business is critical for getting the most effective engagement.

We work with Marketing Managers to design detailed campaign architectures that focus on performance. We collaborate with our technology and media partners to produce campaigns that deliver to business objectives in an efficient way. This allows us to create thoughtful and measurable campaigns and enables vision through a customer journey from engagement to outcome.


Multi-Channel Architecture

We take a birds eye view of a full campaign, from first impression through to final desired outcome, and interrogate how we can use multiple channels to achieve the desired outcome.

Segmentation & Creative Variants

Before beginning with a campaign design, we use our data capabilities to understand our audience, segments and make sure that subsequent briefs are written to include these insights so our creative friends can create the variants we need to get the job done.

Test, Learn & Optimise Frameworks

To get the best value out of marketing investment we believe it is important to understand performance mid-campaign. That means we have live data feeds to help inform our campaign tests so that we can optimise effectively while are mid-campaign flight.


Lead a transformation project within Genesis to incorporate Campaign Architecture as a default way of working.

Genesis adopted fully funnel digital marketing with great conviction, and in doing so have adopted our ‘Campaign Architecture’ methodology as a default way of running campaigns.

Lead a transformation project within Genesis to incorporate Campaign Architecture as a default way of working.

Genesis Supporters Shirt (Campaign Design)

Split across four distinct phases and spread across many channels, live bio-metric dashboards & hundreds of touchpoints, Genesis arguably had the greatest leverage ROI of their sponsorship of ETNZ.

Genesis Supporters Shirt  (Campaign Design)

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