Web & App Development / Integration at Shine

Taking the customer experience beyond the capabilities of your out-of-the-box platform capability.

With in-house full-stack development capability, we can take marketing and advertising platforms beyond the out-of-the-box capability to a whole new level. This can enable greater efficiency within marketing teams, between marketing and internal operations teams, and between the client/agency interactions, as well as better campaign performance and an even greater level of visibility & insights.



We have developers that deliver bespoke functional micro-services, work embedded within clients' existing teams to provide solutions to technical problems, and help deliver unique experiences with our creative team.

Frontend Development

With a full range of Frontend Development capability, we interface seamlessly with our design team to create beautiful web or app experiences to bring the best of your brand out through your interface.


We make conversations happen. This isn’t just between people, but systems too. We have a pragmatic and system agnostic technical team to make sure your platforms work together seamlessly


Genesis Power Shout Backend

Delivering the Genesis Power Shout loyalty required a great deal of work to get data between systems, and functions to be performed that couldn’t take place within the standard systems.

Genesis Power Shout Backend

Tower Super Summer Cover

We built a live ‘insurance redemption platform’ that allowed the public to ‘claim’ on their less-than-ideal summer holiday experience through Messenger, with back office acceptance and fulfilment functionality.

Tower Super Summer Cover

Tip Top In-Store Redemption Platform

We build a software-only solution that allows for the redemption of prizes directly from dairies, dairy-owner logins for store management and financial processing capabilities for the corporate finance team.

Tip Top In-Store Redemption Platform

Growth through Digital Enablement & Performance

Discover how we enable businesses with a new foundation for limitless growth in an ever-evolving digital world.


Growth through Strategy and Direction
Growth through Experience and Innovation
Growth through
People and Performance

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