Digital Performance Marketing at Shine

Our Performance Marketing team works in collaboration with the rest of Shine to drive business value in a direct and measurable fashion. We do this by forming long term partnerships with clients; using the combination of technology, data, media & design to progress internal capability and increase performance.



Well organised owned data is now critical in creating value from any sales, advertising, marketing or communications team.  Shine Digital has experience across a number of CRM systems, as well as a deep bench of experts on hand, should the need arise.

Marketing Automation

Your Marketing Automation platform should be the conductor of all campaigns, and be continually evolving to provide more value and capability over time. The Shine Digital team has vast experience of many years, clients and platforms.

Digital Media

We believe that the battleground of the digital media arms race is moving to being first-party-data centric, with a strong requirement for creative analytics capability and fast & frequent creative optimisation program. Our focus is to minimise media waste through focusing on placements and platforms that achieve business objectives.

Performance Campaign Design

We have developed a unique methodology for designing marketing campaigns that provide faster delivery, greater collaboration across teams and agencies, better return on investment.  Perhaps most importantly, these designs are visually appealing and make stakeholder engagement much easier.

Full Funnel Strategy

Bring Top, Middle and Bottom funnel tactics and campaigns together by developing a full funnel marketing strategy. We find these strategies become the cornerstone of Marketing Calendars, roadmaps and Always On development/optimation plans.

Analytics and Strategy

Useful analytics and live dashboards are only as good as the accuracy, format and completeness of the data you have available to you.  Not only do our clients love being able to see up-to-date campaign metrics at any time they like, it means our team can tweak or pivot campaigns in a much more timely manner.


Brands with curious prospects or loyal fans need a place to facilitate conversations, build even greater loyalty and connect with their audience in an intimate and powerful way.  We have.  Our team has created community platforms and strategies for both customers and prospects as part of a wider engagement.

Test and Automation

Everyone talks about how important A/B, multivariate & control group testing is, but when harsh realities of deadlines and runaway complexities come around, they can fly out the window pretty quickly.  
We have developed a Testing Framework that we personalise for each of our clients. And when paired with both our Creative Analytics program and Digital Media offering, we see huge benefits for our clients.


Genesis Marketing Transformation

We are taking Genesis on a multi-year digital capability & proficiency journey across marketing technology reconfiguration, data, analytics, campaign design, team structure, multi-agency collaboration ways of working redesign, process design, mentoring and team leadership. Also this while delivering in-year cost savings and increasing YoY metrics.

Genesis Marketing Transformation


Leadr is a VC backed Software as a Service company from TX, USA. We have co-designed their marketing strategy, setup their media and analytics capability, integrated into their existing platforms and are running their campaigns with frequent creative refreshes and going live with new funnel elements each fortnight.


Growth through Marketing and Communication

The imperative to be noticed, be admired, even be loved by your market is more important now than it ever has been.


Growth through Strategy and Direction
Growth through
Experience and Innovation
Growth through
People and Performance

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