Simon Curran

Simon Curran

Co-Founder & CEO

Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Bastion Shine, and brings 20+ years experience working in marketing and innovation around the world.  Simon works daily with clients on a diverse range of topics including business transformation, business and brand strategy, communications, venturing and leadership development.

Simon works closely with Bastion Shine’s partner in Silicon Valley, Propel Performance Group, which Simon is a Board Member and supports clients in the US, Europe and throughout Asia Pacific. He was the co-founder and former partner in a range of hospitality businesses in Auckland (Ostro, Seafarers Members Club, Ebisu, Azabu, Tyler Street Garage, Las Vegas, Fukuko).

He is a Board Member of the Dilworth Trust – one of New Zealand’s largest Charitable Trusts, with duties in Marketing, Audit, Finance and Risk.

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